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To help you stay safe, this page contains our very simple safety advice and help. We suggest you to consider the following Safety Tips before entering into a transaction with a seller.

1. Get maximum information. You should get all the required information about the product's condition and history. Ask for pictures before checking the item in person.

2. Do NOT divulge your personal information – never give your personal or banking information. Call person on his/her phone before setting for a meeting.

3. Meet the seller – Always ask for a personal identification. Never go alone, always bring someone with you. Or inform where you are going. Do not bring large sums of money with you.

4. See the product – Check in broad day light. View and inspect all products in person. Do not hesitate to step back if you are not satisfied.

5. Get the best price – Know the market value of item you will buy. Always bargain.

6. Make the payment – Never do payment in advance. Do not bring large sums of money with you. Get a receipt after payment is done.

7. Use common sense – never believe in Too Good To be True deal...

8. Employer/Employee – Do your research. Check out references and authenticity. Meet face to face.

9. Vehicles: Make sure you ask all specifications of the car. Check in broad day light. Bring a mecano with you if possible.

10. Dating: Use sound judgement. DO not share personal information. Do your own research. Meet in a public place. Do not stay if you feel uncomfortable. Inform where you are going and your expected return time.

11. Report any suspicious activity on

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