Everything You Wanted To Know About Investing

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Earning Money Is Hard Work, investing it wisely is even harder. Everyday you are bombarded with schemes, offers and ads, where each one proclaims it is the BEST INVESTMENT OPTION. How will you select the right option? Let the experts show you how.
Through this unbiased, easy-to-understand and insightful CD-ROM. Find how to plan your investment and understand the process of wealth creation. Get in-depth details about the types of investment, the selection methodology and know how to shortlist the right type of investment, based on your income, risk-bearing capacity and future plans. Assisting you in this process is the step-by-step, jargon-free methodology that enables you to understand all the intricacies, minus the confusion. Also included are videos of prominent investment gurus who share their views and tips with you. Plus, there are inbuilt calculators that enable you to do self-assessment of your financial status. Adding more depth to your knowledge is the 'scenario-builder' - wherein you can track the probable outcome of your hypothesis and sharpen your understanding.
Invest in this info-packed CD-ROM and get ready to plan your investment like a pro!
Topics Covered.
Introduction to Investing. We all need to plan our finances in order to make them grow, that's where wealth creation comes into view. This section initiates you, as an investor, into the wealth creation process. It explains clearly many factors that revolve around creating wealth, such as how fundamentals like inflation on one hand, and your own standard of living on the other, govern your wealth creation decisions. It also unfolds some keystones of the process, such as the benefits of investing early, as also the power of compounding, investing systematically and consistently, and the importance of asset diversification…..(More topics not displayed due to space)
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Everything You Wanted To Know About Investing

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